Why Landlords Choose Us

At Greene Property Management, our primary goal is to provide outstanding service to both our owners and tenants.

Our Service is a Savings Not an Expense

Our goal is to generate income for you while maintaining or even increasing the value of your property. Additionally, we are dedicated to selecting quality tenants for your investment so you don’t have to worry about the property or the condition it was left in.

Obtain the Highest Rents

Our professionals know the current market demand and the best price you can receive.

Least Amount of Time

Our marketing ensures your property is seen by the greatest number of potential tenants.

Least Amount of Concern:

We do all the work.

Benefits of using Greene Property Management

  • We market and show your home
  • We find qualified tenants by evaluating credit-worthiness, housekeeping ability, and employment stability
  • We will also screen, interview, and prepare all necessary documents
  • We keep records of all receipts, expenses, and charges
  • Each month the owner receives a financial accounting of all moneys received and all moneys paid out
  • Upon rental of property and vacating the property, an inspection is made to determine the condition of the property
  • Should any damage occur, costs will be withheld from the tenant’s security deposit along with any unpaid utility charges and unpaid rent
  • Ensure that the statutes of the Washington State Landlord Tenant Act/Laws are properly adhered to by the tenant and the owners so as not to bring about any legal reproach to either party