We are pleased that you have chosen to live in one of our rentals and hope that you will enjoy your new home.

How can I view the inside of one of your rentals?

The first step to seeing one of our rentals is to drive by the property to see if it is in a location that is suitable for you. If the property is occupied, please do not disturb the current residents. Once you have driven by the property, you can contact the leasing agent to schedule a showing by calling (360) 528-4166, or submit an email through the property listing.

What are the criteria used for approving an application?

When you submit a rental application you are allowing us to perform a background search. We are attempting to determine the likelihood of your paying the rent on time, and whether you will take proper care of the property and fulfill your lease obligations. The three main factors considered are your credit, rental history, and verifiable income. While your credit does not have to be spotless, it is important that you do not show a pattern of paying your bills late or not at all. For specific information on our rental qualification requirements, please refer to our Tenant Selection Policy.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes. All our residents to pay a holding fee equal to the security deposit upon application. Once the application is approved, the holding fee is deposited in Agent/Owner’s security deposit trust account.

Do you require a lease?

Yes, we require a written Lease/Rental Agreement on each of the properties that we Manage. Our normal lease period is one-year.

How is a lease terminated?

At the end of the lease, or beyond, you may terminate the lease by providing a twenty-day written notice prior to the end of your lease. If you are on a Month to month Lease notice, notice is required twenty days prior to the next rental period. All notices must be written and received in our office twenty-days prior any rental period.

What if I need to move before the lease expires?

You should notify us in writing of your intent to move. We will make every effort to re-rent the home as soon as possible. You will be held responsible for paying the rent and utilities through the end of your lease or until the home is rented (whichever occurs first), plus you will be held responsible for paying any advertising and leasing costs incurred by the property owner to re-rent the property, generally half a months’ rent.

Can I sub-lease the property?

No, the Lease/Rental Agreement clearly states that the resident shall not sublet any portion of the property.

Can the landlord force me to move during my lease?

No. The landlord cannot evict you from the home unless you violate the Lease Agreement. Even if the owner needs to move back into the property, or sell the property to a buyer, your lease will be honored through the expiration date.

When is my rent due and how do I pay it?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Late fees are applied to all payments that are received in our office after the start of business on the 6th, and that is also the day that all 3 day pay or vacate notices are posted for those tenants who have not paid rent. Most of our residents pay online through our secure Tenant Portal. Rent can be mailed or delivered in person to our office

What are acceptable forms of rent payment?

Acceptable forms of rent payment are personal checks (from a tenant), online payment through our secure tenant portal, cashier’s checks or a money order.

How do I put the utilities in my name?

Your Lease/Rental Agreement will detail which utilities you are responsible for paying. You must transfer any such utilities in your name effective your move in date. Provide the utility company your lease start date along with any other information they require. You will be required to submit a utility account form to your property manager upon lease signing.

Can I get a pet after I move into the property?

Not usually. For more information, please refer to your rental agreement or contact your property manager.

What other pet policies are there?

Each property may have i’s own policy on whether or not animals are accepted, size, type etc. In most cases property owners will not approve the following breeds of dogs: Rottweiler’s, Dobermans, Pit bulls (A.K.A. Staffordshire Terriers), Bull Terriers, Wolf hybrids, Chows and German Shepherds, Presa Canario and any others which may be listed on property owner’s insurance policy.

Can I install a satellite dish?

Not without written authorization. At some properties you may be prohibited from installing a satellite dish in any location where the dish is visible from the ground or from any other unit in the complex. Any cost of installation (or damaged caused by the installation) will be an expense of the resident. Satellite dishes may not be installed on the roof.

Can I paint or modify something in my rental property?

No. Unless you receive written permission from us prior to making a change, you may not alter the property in any way. If you desire to alter the property you should submit your request in writing, and wait until you receive written consent before making alterations.

How do I report a maintenance problem?

Submit a maintenance request through your tenant portal. For after hour’s emergencies, call (360) 489-8928, leave a message and someone will get back to you promptly. For any medical emergency, fire, gas or natural disasters, dial 911!

What is considered an emergency?

Examples of a property emergency include burst pipe, storm damage, loss of heat under freezing temperatures, electrical outlets sparking or smoking. Property emergencies are few in nature and generally limited to these. For after hour’s emergencies, call (360) 489-8928, leave a message and someone will get back to you promptly. For any medical emergency, fire, gas or natural disasters, dial 911!

Can I be charged for maintenance at the property?

Yes, if resident damage or neglect causes the maintenance problem, you will be charged for it. Also, you may be billed for a service call if you miss a scheduled appointment with one of our service technicians.

How long should I plan to wait to hear back from someone regarding a service request?

In a non-emergency situation, please allow three days. If you have not heard from our office in five days, please contact us.

What am I responsible for maintaining in my home?

You are responsible for maintaining heating filters and fresh smoke detector and CO2 detector batteries at all times. This may mean changing them at least twice each year or more frequently as needed. Light bulbs that are easily accessible also need to be maintained by the residents. In most situations, yard maintenance may be required. If your home has a fridge that contains a water filter; you are responsible for replacing it when it needs to be replaced. Please refer to your individual Lease/Rental Agreement for details

Should I purchase renter’s insurance?

We highly recommend tenants purchase Renters Insurance. Fires, theft, weather damage, personal injury…these things happen, and they’re just as likely in a rented apartment as they are in a house.

What is the move out procedure to get back my security deposit?

First refer to your individual Lease/Rental Agreement. Also, refer to your move-out packet/move-out instructions. When in doubt, contact your property manager for assistance.

When can I expect to receive my security deposit refund?

Within 21 days after we receive keys upon move out. Your deposit disposition statement and any funds will be mailed to your last known address, so make sure to provide a forwarding address. Any balance owing due to damages, or unpaid rent is due within 14 days. Contact us to discuss payment arrangements.