By using Greene Property Management you will enjoy the benefits of an income property without all the headaches! No more wondering if you have chosen the right tenants or if the rent check will be on time this month. Don’t be interrupted by late night emergency calls when the hot water heater bursts…just do what you thought you were going to do when you purchased your income property…enjoy the advantage of having the extra income. You won’t even have to wonder where to advertise your home to get it occupied as quickly as possible. We take pride in taking excellent care of all of our clients, which means tenants and owners equally. Communication is clear and thorough, our follow through is excellent, and we want our tenants to feel at home while our owners feel comfortable knowing their home is being well cared for.


We aggressively market and advertise your property to reduce vacancy time.

  • Offer recommendations on repairs or cosmetic improvements that can maximize your monthly rental rate
  • Property assessment to determine a competitive rental rate
  • Attractive and professional marketing on dozens of rental websites
  • Negotiate lease terms and conditions

Tenant Selection

Because your investment is important to us, we have a very comprehensive tenant selection process. We use AppFolio as our screening company. By using a professional screening company, we feel that we can find the best possible tenant for your property. Click here to view our tenant selection policy.

  • Online application process and payment
  • Identity verification
  • Verify rental history in good standing
  • Verify employment and income
  • Obtain full credit report to determine credit worthiness
  • Abide by Fair Housing Laws

Move-In and Move-Out

We do a thorough inspection with all our tenants to ensure the property is in as good of shape on the last day of the lease as it was on the first day, minus ordinary wear and tear.

  • Extensive written property condition checklist report
  • Date stamped photos of the interior of all rooms, appliances, fixtures, and the exterior of the property

Property Evaluations During Tenancy

Periodic property evaluations can catch potential problems before they get out of hand.

  • Conduct a minimum of two full property evaluations inside and out during the first year of tenancy
  • A minimum of one full property evaluation during tenancy year two and thereafter
  • Seasonal drive by property evaluations throughout the year


Well-maintained properties mean low vacancy rates and appreciation in property value. Our repair costs are kept down by using proven and experienced vendors. Tenants contact us for repairs, not you, and owner authorization is obtained before costly repairs are performed.

  • After hours emergency contact number for our residents
  • Coordinate maintenance and repairs
  • Timely coordination of turnover work on vacant properties
  • Negotiate service and maintenance contracts at favorable rates


We use AppFolio software which is the industry leader in cloud-based solutions for property management companies.

  • Payment of monthly recurring bills
  • Monthly statement and owner disbursements
  • Additional detailed reports can be customized to fit your needs
  • Year-end reporting and tax documentation
  • Online owner portal to view all statements

Lease-Up Only Service

We understand that not every owner wants to give up management to their property, but would like to contract with a professional management company to market to help place a qualified tenant. We can do this for you.

  • Market the property
  • Show property to prospective tenants
  • Screen applications
  • Perform a detailed move-in report
  • Execute a signed one-year lease

Whichever service you choose, not only will we help find a qualified tenant for your property, but we will not charge for our leasing or management services until we have rented your property.